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About Us

Hair Meds CEO Standing and Smiling in Jeans

I founded Hair Meds in 2020. However, the idea was inspired years earlier. In 2018, after a bout with ovarian cancer, I lost my hair as a side effect of my treatments and medications. After desperately searching for quality, all-natural hair care products, I decided to help myself and all the other people out like me out there. I decided to make my own line of natural hair care products.

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 Around this time, I was completing my master’s in Herbalism. I used my knowledge to design all-natural formulas that would address the actual hair problems women, men, and children face. It was tough! Long nights creating and adjusting formulas. Months looking for ingredients that meet my standards. Paper cuts from putting the labels on each product and hand boxing each order. It’s all worth it if everyone can have beautiful hair.

Holding Hair Meds Braid Oil Background Woman Smiling

 All in all, Hair Meds is about giving. Giving my past self the natural hair products she wished she had. Giving my customers the ability to achieve healthy, gorgeous hair. And last, giving everyone a shot at a fulfilling life.

For every purchase you make at Hair Meds, I donate a portion to The American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, Autism Speaks, and other charities. These organizations hold significance to me as these were struggles that have directly affected me and my loved ones. Everyone deserves long, healthy hair as well as a long, healthy life. I hope you all enjoy your Hair Meds.