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Haircare and Styling Tips

  • How To Keep Your Braids Fresh For Longer

    Ever wondered the best ways to care for your braids? Looking to hold that clean look just a little longer? Well, look no further. We'll share our tips that will always give you sleek braids.
  • Testing Your Hair Porosity and How to Care For It

    You may know your hair type, but did you know that this matters just as much when creating your hair care routine? We'll go over hair porosity, how to test yours, and ways to care for your hair type. Low, medium, or high porosity, this is for you.
  • Protective Styles: What You Need To Know

    A rundown on protective styles, why you should wear them, and how they lead you to strong, healthy hair.
  • 5 Ways To Quickly Loosen Tight Braids

    Check out these 5 methods to immediately loosen your braids and relieve your itchy scalp.
  • How to Tell If Your Braids Are Too Tight

    Are your braids too tight? Can you even tell? Here are you 3 signs you need to look out for.